DGW Homestead 300 RoundDGW Homestead is the Nash family farm.  David and Genny Nash run the farm with their son William Tell (who likes to be called TNTell the YouTuber).

David prefers to write his farm content as how-to articles on his site Tennessee Gun, but Genny and William prefer to spend her time making video clips of goats and puppies doing cute farm animal things.

Their 22 acre farm is located in Southern Middle Tennessee, right off Highway 50 near Centerville.

The principles DGW Homestead stands for causes them to operate following the principles of the integrity food movement.

The Nash family grows food in a manner that soothes the soul, stimulates the mind, and nourishes the body.

The farm uses management intensive agriculture instead of relying on pesticides or petrochemical fertilizers.

It is their belief that if a treatment requires a haz-mat suit or a respirator to apply then it does not belong on their farm or on your table.

It is the mission of the homestead to raise wholesome food worthy to feed your family.

We post videos and articles about all the animals our farm raises at the Homestead on this site. However, we do have a notable exception.  All the Goat and Sheep content can be found at Green Goat Grazing.

The Farm Raises

  • Goats (Pygmies, Nubians, and Kinders)
  • Sheep (Registered Katahdin hair sheep)
  • Hogs (AGH/Juliana Crosses)
  • Rabbits (mixed)
  • Pastured Poultry (Cornish X for meat, and Buff Orpington and Ameraucana for eggs)
  • Ducks
  • Heritage Turkeys
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Livestock Guardian Dogs (Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepard mix)

Right now we are growing primarily for our own use. However, we are negotiating the regulations concerning processing and hope to provide integrity meat products raised by our own hand and processed humanely and with an eye toward food safety.  If you want to chat or have questions about DGW Homestead please contact us.

My Other Websites

Tennessee Gun Logo Round

Tennessee Gun

Gun is the main site in the DGW group of websites.  It is a DIY How-To, How-I-Did site full of information.  It is over 15 years old.

On this site we also have many reviews for firearm, farming, and general prepper gear.



Green Goat Grazing Logo

Green Goat Grazing

Goat Grazing is our upcoming goat rental business.  Right now my wife and I are experimenting with using goats, sheep, and heritage hogs along with portable electronet fencing to clear land.

This has been done in other areas as a sustainable Earth friendly way to clear land.

Also we intend to focus on small homestead supplies, most notably small milking machines.


Oohrahs 300 RoundOohrahs

In order to open a farm store for selling off farm things like milkers, we had to ask the county for a zoning variance.  Since we had to start a store, I figured why not open a store.

Oohrahs is going to open as a prepper supply store.  Our intent is to eventually move to a full FFL dealership, but for now we are starting small.